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    Reaching for the sky to balance the Triple Heater

    The Triple Heater (Triple Warmer) in TCM is said to control and harmonize the distribution of heat and fluids in the three sections of the upper body – respiration, digestion and elimination. This qigong exercise is the first one in the wonderful Eight Brocades sequence.*
    Stand with feet parallel and hip width apart. Remember to breathe slowly in and out through the nose and move at a comfortable pace. 
    Circle the arms overhead and interlace fingers.  As you inhale, stretch upwards with palms of hands facing down. At the same time come up gently on the toes.  As you exhale, feet rest back on the floor and palms come down to rest on the top of the head. 
    Stretch upwards again with the hands, this time the palms face up as you rise on the toes on an inhale.  Exhale, and again bring feet back to the ground and backs of the hands rest on the top of the head.  With each repetition alternate the direction of the hands. This simple arm stretch gently elongates the body. Repeat the movement about nine times.
    *for the other exercises in the sequence, do a keyword search in this blog for ”eight brocades”
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