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Tom Ingegno – Licensed Acupuncturist

It seems like every year drug stores start selling the flu shot earlier and earlier. People are sent into a state of panic every time someone sneezes or coughs. We wash our hands, use hand sanitizers avoid others and still we get sick. Regardless of how well we take care of ourselves and what preventative measures are taken, we occasionally get knocked out by a seasonal virus.

We can send our loved ones to the store to pick up every cold and flu ”remedy” in the aisle, and all most of them do is make us groggier than we already were feeling.

In You Got Sick – Now What? I explain seven techniques from Oriental Medicine that can be done at home to help you recover from any cold or flu.

Each chapter in this book covers a technique or group of techniques that can be used anytime you start to feel sick. The great thing about these techniques is that not only are they easy to learn, but they have little to no cost and can be tailored to each individuals needs.

In this book you will learn:

–> Some medicinal soup recipes which are not only tasty, but will help you recover from your symptoms quicker
–> Qigong exercises which are traditional gentle breathing techniques to help stimulate your immune system
–> Acupressure points which help alleviate symptoms, and get your white blood cells to work
–> Techniques from the varied and ancient realm of Oriental Medicine including, moxibustion, cupping, and gua sha
–> And of course, much more!

This book was intended for those with little experience with traditional Asian medicine and is written in a clear approachable manner with detailed descriptions and photos to help take you through each technique. It will become your quick go-to guide the second you or your family feels the onset of cold and flu symptoms.

Price: $9.95

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