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    Yoga Shoulder Stand – getting the most out of it

    The shoulder stand (Sarvangasana) is a well known pose in hatha yoga and has many health benefits. It is an inverted posture which reverses the force of gravity on the body, making it easier for blood to flow to the heart. In turn, this nourishes the thyroid and hypothalamus, lungs, tonsils and neck muscles. It is beneficial to the brain, mind and nervous disorders, regulates hypothyroidism, aids in learning disabilities, sore throats, colds and flu, arm and shoulder pain. In India, yogis teach that holding the shoulder stand for just 15 minutes is equivalent to sleeping for two hours.  It is a good asana to do in the cooler months of the year, before the heat of summer. To enhance your practice of it, pay attention to the following guidelines.

    • This pose is excellent for all doshas. Moderate holds are best for vata, and long holds for kapha reduction. Practice only short holds, without strain, for pitta. 
    • Acupoints stimulated in this pose are TW 15, GB 20, GB 21, B 10, SI 10.
    • Wait two hours or more after a meal before attempting a shoulder stand.

     DO NOT practice this pose if you suffer from glaucoma or unmedicated high blood pressure. Consult your physician or an experienced yoga teacher if you have low blood pressure or heart problems.

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