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Acupuncture Publications and Reading Materials

publicationsThe following publications have been provided to you for informational purposes only. They cannot be republished or distributed without written approval from both Tom Ingegno, M.S.O.M., L.Ac. and the media source were it was originally published.

Baltimore City Paper

Here is Tom’s write up in the Best of Baltimore Issue after being voted Best Acupuncturist in 2010. It’s located about halfway down the page.

Our YouTube channel has videos on acupuncture and various holistic health topics.

Radio Interviews

Here are some radio interviews by Tom Ingegno about acupuncture and various topics. (More to come in the future)

Acupuncture to Help you stop smoking on eHealth Radio

My Interview on the Brilliant essence Radio Show

Acupuncture for Animals, Interview with Val Heart on the Real Dr. Doolittle Show

North American Journal of Oriental Medicine
This journal is mainly for professionals and it is the only one published in both English and Japanese.

Finding Inspiration in Vancouver

Lessons Reinforced by Four Legged Patients

Variations on point location based on geographical location: An observation of two clinics

Pregnancy and Baby
Tom was quoted about the use of acupuncture and acupressure for labor pain.

This article was written when Tom was practicing in Long Island, NY. Healthy Living NYC is a web site based publication covering everything healthy in New York.

Acupuncture for Pacifying a Healthy Mind

Muscles of Iron
A guest blog post talking about my attempts for personal fitness.

Ultimate Stress Blog
Here are some guest blog posts written by Tom Ingegno:

Getting Deeper with Acupuncture

iPhone Meditation Apps

Food for Thought

Click here for a short article on diet according to the principles of acupuncture and oriental medicine. Please contact your healthcare provider before altering your eating habits.

Breathe Easier

Learn how to relax, rejuvenate and feel better just by learning this simple relaxed breathing technique.

Da Shin Technique

This was a special technique developed in Japan during the Edo period. It uses special gold and silver dowels which are tapped on the abdomen. It is extremely relaxing and effective and is just one of the many specialized techniques practiced at Ancient Arts Acupuncture. Tom Ingegno, M.S., L.Ac. learned this directly from Hide Takahashi, one of the only teachers of this technique in the world.

Feeling blue, Acupuncture can help

Many people suffer from depression and anxiety. Here is a short newsletter I wrote to explain how acupuncture can help.

If you would like any of the information on the following topics mailed to you please contact me with the information you are requesting and your address. Topics:
Pain Management
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Facial Rejuvenation
Stop Smoking

Acupuncture Publications