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    Nine Temple Exercises part 2


    from wwoofhawaii.org

    Following on from my previous post, here are the next three movements in the sequence of the Nine Temple Exercises. Again, remember, if you do anything and it hurts, STOP. Rest, try again, this time slowing down the movement.  If it still hurts, discontinue completely.

    4 Fruit Picking – benefits joints, stimulates spleen, pancreas and kidneys
    Stand with feet only slightly apart.  Reach upwards with both hands, then make alternate stretches grasping the air, as if you are picking fruit from a tree.  Feel a good stretch on both sides of the body. Repeat, doing about nine stretches on each side.
    5  Swinging each leg – helps balance, prevents indigestion and constipation, stimulates the reproductive system
    Standing with feet together, both knees slightly bent, shift weight onto the right foot and swing the left leg forward and backward slowly about nine times, like a pendulum of a grandfather clock.  Repeat the same number of repetitions with the right leg. Hold lightly on to a chair, if necessary, for extra balance.
    6  Bounce – stimulates the entire spine and increases energy to the brain
    From a standing position with feet together, take a step forward with the left foot, placing only the left toes on the ground to retain balance.  Most of the weight remains on the right leg and foot.   Bend the right knee and lower the whole torso about four inches but keeping the spine and back straight throughout the movement, with tailbone tucked in.  Raise and lower the torso in this way about nine times.  Arms and hands remain loose and relaxed by your side.  Imagine qi flowing up and down from the top of the head down into the heel of the right foot.  Repeat this gentle bouncing movement on the other leg.

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