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    Massaging Lungs and Large Intestine Meridians

    In TCM the fall season is the time of year when our lungs and large intestine need some extra help.  A meridian massage is a simple way to help stimulate, circulate and normalize any deficiency or excess in qi. Remember to apply gentle pressure with fingers, thumb or palm  in the direction of qi flow. Start at point number one and work the full length of the meridian. If you want to massage a particular point, then go back and circle it 36 times with thumb or finger. Don’t forget to massage both sides of the body.
    Lung meridian
    Try this massage for nasal congestion, cough, asthma and skin problems. Massage the full length of the meridian from below the collar bone, down the arm and hand, and ending at the thumb nail.
    Lung 3 (tian fu, celestial storehouse) is an important point for depression, grief or melancholy.
    Large intestine meridian
    Massage this meridian to help sinus problems, nasal congestion, headaches, constipation, itchy skin and intestinal problems. Visualize letting go of mental and emotional baggage as you massage from the index finger, up the arm, and ending on the face at the nostril.
    Large Intestine 20 (ying xiang, welcome fragrance) is an important point to help with sinus problems.
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