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    Introduction to Meditation part 4: Taste and Smell

    Before you begin to meditate it is important to satisfy the five senses. Your mind will not relax unless your body is relaxed. The room or space in which you meditate should contain all elements for calming any physical desires for touch, taste, smell, sound and sight. In this post I will give you tips on satisfying smell and taste.

    Incense coils in China by Nguyễn Thanh Quang
    The room or meditation area may simply be cleansed beforehand by burning sage. Other smells can be introduced by lighting an aromatherapy candle, burning incense or an essential oil, or even drinking a fragrant tea before beginning to meditate.
    To stimulate the mind for knowledge, clear the head and sinuses and encourage qi to flow, use any one of the following spices: eucalyptus, mint, sage, thyme, cinnamon, ginger, tea tea oil, wintergreen

    To open the heart for devotion, calm the outer mind and its emotional and sensory overlaods to connect you to a deeper level of feeling, choose one of these sweet floral fragances: jasmine, rose, saffron, sandalwood, iris, lotus, frangipani, honeysuckle


    Teas, coffee, juices and water can all be used in preparation for your meditation period to stimulate the mind, clear the senses, open channels of energy and calm down emotions. In many cultures of the world tea drinking is a ritual in times of stress, and it is also used as a form of meditation in its own right. The Japanese have tea houses where an elaborate ceremony is performed before drinking the first sip of tea.

    Herbal teas are particularly useful for clearing the mind for meditation. Try one or more of the following:

    To stimulate the senses and improve perception – basil, bayberry, sage: take with warm water and honey

    To increase awareness and intelligence – gotu kola, ashwagandha: take with warm milk, honey, raw sugar, ghee

    To calm and slow down the mind – nutmeg, passion flower, kava kava: take with ghee or aloe vera gel

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