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    Hugging a tree

    From ancient times trees have been seen as symbols of spiritual growth. Their deep roots reach into the earth and their branches reach up to the sky, connecting the physical with the spiritual. In Qigong trees are seen as guardians of the earth, filtering toxins from the environment and its living creatures. Standing like a tree to promote harmonious qi circulation is the optimum posture in Qigong meditation. Absorbing healing qi from a tree is a wonderful method of communing with nature.

    Try one of the following tree meditations next time you are in a forest, park or even your own backyard. Find a healthy tree, such as a strong, tall pine tree.  Different trees will emit different energies. Walk around until you find one that you feel comfortable with.

    • Sit on the ground in front of the tree with your back against it.Close your eyes and feel the tree’s energy. Relax and breathe gently allowing the warming qi of the tree to be absorbed into your body. Stay as long as you feel comfortable.
    • Stand a few feet away from a suitable tree and close your eyes. Feel the presence of the tree. Relax with arms by your side, or raise them gently in front of you with palms facing inwards as if you are hugging the tree. Inhale through the nose and imagine you are absorbing healing qi from the tree into your body. Exhale imagine you are releasing all toxins and any disease into the earth. Continue for as long as it feels comfortable.
    • Stand in front of the tree and place your hands on its trunk. Feel the texture of the bark and imagine you are drawing healing qi through your hands and into your body.
    • Imagine you can exchange and circulate energy between your body and the tree. Stand facing it, breathing slowly and gently in and out through the nose. Inhale drawing qi from the roots of the tree into your body, traveling up to the crown. Exhale and imagine the qi going into the top of the tree, down through the branches and the trunk, again leaving its roots to be absorbed through your feet again as you inhale. Repeat several times and then reverse the circuit, beginning by absorbing qi from the top of the tree into your crown and down through your body on an inhale. Let the qi leave you and enter the tree roots on the exhale. Continue to practice, allowing the qi to be circulated without breath coordination if you are able.
    image by The Founders Intent
    At the end of your meditation, if you wish, hug the tree in thanks and gratitude for allowing you to share its healing powers. Remain in silence for a few minutes feeling deeply rooted and in harmony with nature.
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