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    Ganesha mudra for the heart

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine the heart is said to be the seat of the mind and controls not only blood circulation but also consciousness and spirit. The mind and emotions influence the rhythm of the heart. When we are angry, our pulse quickens, when we are scared we can hear our heart pounding in our chest. When there is clarity of mind and emotions, the heart is healthy. The Ganesha mudra (named after the elephant deity who overcomes all obstacles) stimulates heart activity and strengthens the muscles of the heart. It helps us feel courageous, confident and open and friendly to towards other people. Do the following exercise once daily.

    Hold the left hand horizontally in front of the chest with palm facing outward. Grasp the right hand with the fingers so that the back of the right hand is facing outward. Now hold the hands in front of the heart and pull firmly as if trying to pull the hands apart. Do this on an exhale. You will feel tension in the upper arms and chest area. On an inhale release all tension. Repeat six times, then place both hands on the sternum and relax before repeating the exercise six times with the hands held in opposite positions (right palm and back of left hand facing outward).  With eyes closed, relax and enjoy for a few seconds.
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