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    Benefits of Acupuncture

    This is a Guest post from the people at The Healing Center in Denver, Colorodo.

    Acupuncture is one part of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that has been around for thousands of years.  Its use and treatment protocols have been documented for more than 2000 years, and is still used today in the major hospitals in China.  As a major component of the health care system in Asia, it can be used to treat most medical conditions and also preventatively to maintain health and wellness.
    As acupuncture has gained popularity in western countries, one of the most commonly requested treatments is for pain.  There are many articles and clinical trials that acupuncture can successfully treat low back pain, chronic pain conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia, and acute pain conditions like car accidents, whiplash, and sprains and strains.
    While pain is the most commonly requested treatment, other conditions are gaining popularity for being successfully treated.  The military is using acupuncture to reduce PTSD symptoms in war veterans and to reduce the need for pain medications.  Mental health professionals are turning to acupuncture to help with treating depression and anxiety.  In women’s health, acupuncture has demonstrated high efficacy in treating PMS symptoms, painful periods, and even infertility.
    Due to its growing popularity and effectiveness, other professionals are starting to incorporate it in to their scope of practice.  Most states require between 3-4 years of training and over 600 clinical hours before they can be licensed.  Some medical providers start performing acupuncture like treatments with as little as 23 hours of training.  In order to make sure you are getting the best quality treatment, make sure for practitioner is a properly licensed acupuncturist.

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    The Healing Center is pleased to bring you information about the benefits of acupuncture. To learn more about Denver acupuncture treatment, contact us today: http://thehealingcenterdenver.com/.

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