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    What do toothache, hiccups and facial wrinkles have in common?

    You might think the answer is nothing, but in TCM that would not be true. Although each condition might be caused by a separate issue, such as a diseased tooth, indigestion and aging, they may also be related to one of the zangfu organs exerting an influence on the others. When arriving at a diagnosis, the TCM doctor will not only look at the local area of the problem but will also consider the holistic interaction of every organ system and its current condition. Appropriate treatment is then given according to the imbalances found in the entire body. So, what might our three examples have in common?

    Toothache: The stomach meridian passes through the upper teeth and the large intestine meridian through the lower teeth. Stomach fire may be moving upwards attacking the gums, and in turn can cause toothache. Other symptoms with this kind of toothache may be constipation, dry mouth and a foul smell. To relieve the toothache, use acupressure on LI 4 on the hand, ST 6, ST 7 on the face and ST 44 on the foot.

    Hiccups: Stomach qi is normally transported downward but sometimes may move adversely upwards, which may cause an attack of hiccups. This condition is found in people with a weak physique or under attack from external illnesses, and may be due to excessive emotional stress, inadequate diet or deficiency of vital qi. To clear heat in the stomach, use acupressure on SP 14, SP 15 on the lower abdomen and BL 25 on the lower back.

    Facial wrinkles: Wrinkles are a part of the normal aging process but may appear earlier than middle age or be more noticeable if there is a disturbance in digestive function. Anorexia, chronic indigestion or poor appetite will all take their toll on the face.

    So, if you think you look older than your age, you can’t determine which tooth is causing you pain, or you keeping having a fit of the hiccups, ask yourself if you have any stomach and digestive issues.

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