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    Want your insurance to cover Acupuncture?

    ***This was taken from the AAOM Website and is an important Bill which would help get everyone acupucture benefits*****

    This Bill would make Medicare include acupuncture services and if Medicare covers these services all other insurance companies would follow suite. Please Help the link below takes less than two minutes to complete and every voice counts!!!!!


    Send letters to your senators and representative using AAAOMs fast and easy letter-writing tool at http://www.aaaomonline.org/hr646

    The AAAOM is issuing a call to action letter writing campaign in support of HR 646. We are at the forefront of a momentous change in U.S. healthcare, and acupuncture and Oriental medicine is an important part of this crucial transition. In supporting and passing HR646, we are creating a firm foundation for our profession to propel from alternative medicine to mainstream, and we need everyone’s voice to make it happen!


    This is a decisive moment for acupuncture and Oriental medicine. HR 646, also known as “The Federal Acupuncture Coverage Act of 2009,” amends title XVIII of the Social Security Act to provide for coverage of qualified acupuncturist services under part B of the Medicare Program, and to amend title 5, United States Code, to provide for coverage of such services under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. The passing of this bill will open acupuncture and Oriental medicine (AOM) to many more patients who could benefit from its effectiveness. For practitioners and students, it will open the doors to new patients to serve. It will provide us all with more affordable healthcare choices and create a firm foundation for further integration into U.S. healthcare.


    Write a letter to your Member of Congress. If you are a patient, practitioner, student or professional partner in the integrative health fields: Write a letter in support of HR 646! Ask each family member, friend, classmate, colleague, and, most important, each patient to write a letter to their Members of Congress.


    To have your letter hand-delivered by AAAOM’s lobbyist in Washington, D.C., go to http://www.aaaomonline.org/hr646

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