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    Walking Qigong Meditation

    There are hundreds of different Qigong walks that can be done for healing, but which one is best for you?  Well, if you are not sure where to start and don’t have a specific ailment that you want to heal, then try the following simple walk to get a little bit more out of your normal leisurely stroll.  

    Before you start your walk it can be helpful to get rid of any stored tension in your muscles and joints by shaking your whole body like a rag doll. Stand in place and bounce gently up and down, like wobbly jello on a plate. Raise your heels slightly if you wish, and shake every part of your head and body, including wrists, hands, fingers, ankles and feet. When you have finished, take a couple of deep breaths and begin to walk, at a normal leisurely pace. As you continue, focus on slowing down your stride and place your attention on your breathing. Repeat the phrase: slow down. As you gently say this to yourself you will find your breathing and walking becoming more relaxed. If you wish, try walking backwards for more inner focus. This also helps strengthen posterior muscles in the body.

    Variation: As you walk, gently move the palms of your hands from side to side past your lower abdomen. When you move the right foot, inhale in two short breaths and move your hands to the right. When you move your left foot, take a long exhale and move your hands to the left.
     See this amazing YouTube video for a more adventurous Qigong walk!!

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