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    Too many bad hair days?

    Have you ever wondered why your hair never looks so radiant and luxurious as that of the models used for hair shampoo ads – even though you might use the same shampoo? The hair that we are born with is determined by our genes, and in Oriental medicine by whether we are predominantly of yin or yang constitution, and by our ayurvedic dominant dosha. A person with a yin nature tends to have oily and thin hair, whereas a yang person has thick and dry hair. The hair of a dominant vata constitution is usually dark, coarse, curly and dry; a pitta has straight and soft, light colored or red hair; and a kapha has dark, thick and lustrous, wavy and oily hair. In TCM, the on going condition, color and quality of the hair are reflected by the state of the kidneys and liver. If the energy, blood and fluids of these organs are plentiful and remain so as we age, then the hair will stay strong and healthy, and premature hair loss and graying will be minimized. Lifestyle habits and nutrition all play an important role in keeping our organs in balance and, therefore, our hair too. In general, stress can cause hair loss, as can too much liquid intake and exposure to heavy metals and toxins. Prematurely gray hair may be a sign of a yin constitution, as well as over consumption of synthetic juices, alcohol, sweets, eggs, aged cheese, chicken and salt. In general…………

    • eating too many animal products can cause thin, white or gray hair
    • too many toxins and artificial drinks make hair split and frizz
    • too much meat, sugar and fruits makes hair brittle
    • too much intake of liquids, fruits, milk, eggs and sugar may cause hair loss
    • reduce protein intake if you suffer from dandruff
    • too much salt makes hair coarse
    • consuming more ”yang” foods will give make hair thicker and curlier 

    Overall, kidney and liver tonics, such as the well known Chinese herbal remedy  he shou wu (polygonum multiflorum), and foods, such as black sesame seeds and black beans, will help nourish the hair and improve its quality. A weekly head massage with oil is also beneficial for the hair and will relax the brain and body and strengthen sense organs. Massage olive or almond oil (sesame oil for dry hair and dandruff) into the hair and scalp, and leave for 20 minutes before washing out.

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