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    Too busy cooking to exercise?

    Has your regular exercise routine gone all to pieces with the extra holiday preparations? Had enough of the ”mindful cooking”? Then why not try these simple techniques to invigorate your system while in the kitchen…….
    ”A watched pot/kettle doesn’t boil” – while you’re waiting, do a gentle bounce to stimulate the entire spine and bring energy to the brain. Standing at the stove or kitchen sink, extend the left leg forward about a foot and place the toes on the ground, keeping most of the weight on the right leg. Gently bend the right knee so that you can lower your body about four inches. The back remains straight. Then, slowly come back up into the original position. Repeat 9 – 30 times, imagining qi energy flowing up and down from the top of your head to the heel of the foot. Do the same movement on the other leg.
    To prevent indigestion, constipation and to stimulate the reproductive system, swing each leg one at a time. Standing with feet together, both knees slightly bent, shift weight onto the left foot and swing the right leg forward and backward, slowly, like a pendulum. Focus on keeping the back straight and the hips in alignment. Repeat 9 – 30 times, then do the same with the other leg. If you are having problems with balance, hold on to a kitchen chair with one hand.
    To eliminate stagnant qi energy, stand with feet hip width apart, the body remaining relaxed, arms loose by your side or raised out to the sides at shoulder level. Now shake up and down with a bouncy movement for a minute like a rag doll, and keeping feet firmly rooted to the ground. Remember to keep your face muscles relaxed! To finish, bring your heels up and down three times quickly.
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