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    The Season of Water


    Well and truly into the winter season, this is the time of year, according to TCM and the Five Element Theory, that the universe is controlled by the element of Water. Looking at recent photos of the snowfalls throughout much of Europe, we can see why this seems true. If you were born in a year that is said to be ruled by the water Element, especially in wintertime, then you have a distinct Water personality. Let’s take a look at what that means.

    Physically, a Water person has hands that are short and fleshy, with thin nails and dark cuticles. The body is lean with narrow shoulders and wide hips. The most dominant feature of the face is the ears. Water means yin energy, so the Water personality tends to be introspective with an interest in arts, religion and philosophy. He has a contemplative nature wanting to know the mysteries of the universe and how things work.

    The Water element nourishes Wood and is controlled by Earth. Its organs are kidneys and urinary bladder.

    Water in excess – there may be kidney stones, bladder and prostate problems; bad teeth and gums; high blood pressure, hardening of arteries and tumors, causing strokes and heart attacks. Mentally and emotionally you may have sleep problems, become irritable, antisocial and depressed. You may be opinionated and intolerant of others.

    Water deficiency – there is a lack of energy, with dry, thinning or prematurely gray hair. Dark circles under the eyes can indicate weakness in kidney or adrenal function. There may be lower back pain, cold hands and feet, frequent urination and loss of libido. Brittle bones and osteoporosis can occur. Mentally and emotionally there may be absentmindedness, paranoia, procrastination and depression.

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