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    So you are a metal person – but what does that mean?

    In Chinese medicine the Universe comprises of the five elements, water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Being part of the Universe, our bodily constitution is also made up of these same five elements, usually one dominating over the others. This will then show itself in your physical and mental/emotional characteristics explaining how qi moves through your body, how you look and how you behave. So let’s take a look at a typical Metal person.

    Metal is the element of fall, it is fed and controlled by the fire of summer and it nourishes the water of winter. Physically the nose is the most prominent feature of the face of a  metal person. Arms and legs are long, shoulders are narrow. Bones are small and hands are long with square shaped nails. The metal person may be double-jointed. Mentally he/she has a keen aesthetic sense and is attracted to symmetry, the arts and philosophy. He/she has high moral standards and values, and a love of learning.

    When metal qi is in excess

    As metal rules the lungs and large intestine, having excess qi can lead to stiff, tight muscles which can be seen in movement and posture. Sinus problems are common and skin, hair, lips and nails are dry. There may be outbreaks of psoriasis, eczema, acne, and colitis, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Mentally this can lead to an obsession for order and cleanliness with a passion for collecting objects. Excess makes the metal person critical, judgmental and emotionally distant.

    When metal qi is deficient

    As metal relates to order and discipline, being deficient brings confusion and disorganization. Clutter and mess rule in the home. There may be tightness in the chest, congestion and difficulty with breathing, such as asthma or bronchitis caused by allergies. Nails may be dry and cracked and moles and warts may appear on the skin. Chronic fatigue or common colds and flu occur because of a weakened immune system. Grief becomes incontrollable, and fear of failure is acute. The person becomes emotionally numb with low self esteem.
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