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    Sinusitis and Hay Fever

    There are many people who don’t look forward to spring because, as well as its beautiful flowers and blossoms, it also brings with it countless pollens in the air, all or some of which cause havoc for those who are allergic to them. Although diet can play an active role in preventing susceptibility to sinusitis and hay fever at this time of year, it is helpful to have a way to help relieve the worst of the symptoms without resorting to medications. Here are some handy acupressure points to use to lessen congestion of the head and nasal passages.

    UB 10 – Heavenly Pillar

    Find the two large trapezius muscles at the back of your neck. Measure approximately two finger widths below the base of the skull and press on the muscles. Breathe deeply and imagine you are sending clearing energy into your head and sinuses. This point is also helpful for treating insomnia and for relaxation of the whole body.

    UB 7 – Penetrate Heaven

    Run your fingers up the back of the head to one thumb width away from the top and in line with the back of the ears. Press here to relieve nasal congestion, headaches, and also to improve concentration and memory.

    GV 20 – One Hundred Meeting Point

    Bai hui is an important point in qigong practice and is said to be the point that connects man to heaven. Known as the upper dan tien or the meeting point of all the yang meridians in the upper body, it is located at the back of the top of the head in a hollow in the center. Press here for 30 to 60 seconds to relieve congested sinuses and headaches. It may also be used to relieve depression, hot flashes and heatstroke.

    GV 26 – Middle of a Person

    Find this point below your nose at the indentation between the nose and the upper lip. Press here if you feel you are going to sneeze. It is also an important point if you feel faint or dizzy, and is effective in relieving cramps.

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