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    Releasing anger through the eyes and harmonizing the liver

    Have you ever noticed how red your eyes seem to look if you are in an angry mood? The reason behind this according to the Five Element Theory is that the emotion that is stored in the liver is anger; and the outlet for the liver is the eyes. If you are feeling agitated, prone to shouting and losing your temper, then the following qigong exercise from the Eight Brocades will help bring a sense of calmness.

    Do all movements fluidly, but not brusquely. Not too fast, not too slow. Repeat until an emotional release is felt. Breathe in and out through the nose only.


    1. Stand in a natural position, knees slightly bent, feet about three feet apart.  Focus on some inanimate object at eye level in the distance.  Your gaze will be intense. Make fists with both hands and pull the elbows straight back to your sides so that the hands are now palm up under the shoulders.
    2. Punch out slowly and smoothly with one hand at the same time rotating the fist so that the palm will be facing downward at the end of the punch. Do not lock the elbow joint and do not make any jerky or abrupt motion. When the arm is fully extended, elbow still slight bent, turn the fist so that the palm points upward. 
    3. Now draw the arm back to its original position under the shoulder.  At the same time extend the other arm rotating the fist to punch out.  Keep rotating and punching, one fist out (palm down), the other back (palm up).  Try and slow down the breathing so that it will coordinate with the punches. 

    Repeat the above movements until a sense of relaxation is achieved.  You may find that your focused stare turns into more of a daydream like gaze. This exercise also stimulates the liver to purify toxins and relax muscles.

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