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    Rebalancing excess or deficiency of the Earth Element with massage

    If you can’t get an acupuncture treatment, then try a meridian massage to stimulate, circulate and help normalize any deficiency or excess in qi. When massaging apply gentle pressure with fingers, thumb or palm, always working in the direction of qi flow. Start at point number one and work the full length of the meridian. If you want to massage a particular point, then go back and circle it 36 times with thumb or finger. Don’t forget to massage the meridian on both sides of the body.
    Spleen-pancreas Meridian:
    Begins at the inside base of the large toenail, travels up the inside of the leg to the groin, over the ribs to the outer part of the chest and ends beneath the armpit.
    Spleen 6 (san yin jiao, 3 yin crossing) is an important point for PMS or menstrual cramps, male sexual issues, insomnia, diarrhea and digestive disorders.
    Stomach Meridian:
    Begins beneath the center of the eye, travels down to the throat, chest, nipples, abdomen, groin and continues down the front of the leg and into the foot, ending at the base of the second toe.
    Stomach 36 (zu san li, 3mile point) is an important point for the immune system, digestion, lower leg pain and fatigue.

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