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    Pericardium/Ttriple Warmer meridian stretch

    The following stretch is a simple and quick stretch designed to stimulate qi flow through the Pericardium and Triple Warmer meridians. Although these two meridians are not strictly related to any organs, they are connected to qi flow and play an important role in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Pericardium (heart constrictor) supports the heart and the Triple Warmer (Triple Heater) is responsible for metabolism and balance in the three parts of the upper torso.

    Sit cross legged on the floor and grab each knee with the opposite hand.

    Exhale and at the same time lean forwards with your head hanging down. Using your arms, pull your upper body down to the floor. Breathe slowly and gently in this position. Relax, sit back up and repeat the movement another two times. Feel the release in tension in the Pericardium and Triple Warmer meridians in the outer and inner arms.

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