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    ”Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme”

    If you are opting for a live rosemary tree this year for your Christmas tree, have you thought about what you can do with it after the Holiday Season is over? Well, after planting it outside, try adding a sprig of fresh rosemary to a hot cup of tea! Not only will it have a delicious smell but it will also boost your immune system! Just like other foods in TCM, many herbs have their own healing properties and can easily be used, fresh or dried, in cooking, salads, or even put into a tea. Why not have your own herb garden outside, or in pots on a south-west facing windowsill? Here are some of the more common herbs to grow:
    by nataraja

    Warming, helps blood circulation and brain function

    Peppermint and spearmint are widely used for digestion, relieving gas and heartburn, and cleansing the liver

    Helps improve concentration and memory loss with aging; make a tea to relieve a sore throat; sage helps get rid of parasites

    Slightly warming, parsley has more vitamin C than citrus fruit and is high in iron. It aids digestion, regulates qi flow, detoxifies fish and meat, benfits kidneys, bladder, eyes and ears, counteracts bad breath and strengthens teeth

    Dries dampness and phlegm, an antibiotic for the lungs, good for asthma

    Removes heavy metals from the body

    Boosts the immune system, helps with infections, use for toothache and skin conditions

    Warming, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, soothes the stomach, good for seafood poisoning

    So if you are someone who usually leaves a garnish of parsley lying on the plate – next time, do your body a favor, and eat it!!
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