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    Mudra for headaches

    According to TCM, headaches can have different causes: changes in weather (wind/cold, wind/heat, wind/dampness), liver or kidney imbalance, energy/blood deficiency, sinus or digestive problems. In general however, the end result of any syndrome is an accumulation of too much qi in the head, which gives rise to tension and pain in that area. The following mudra* can help release this build up of qi and redirect energy down into the body to relieve the headache.

    Place the tips of the thumb, index finger and middle finger together. Bend the ring finger to touch the fleshy pad of the thumb, and leave the little finger extended. Do this with both hands and relax with them in this position three times a day for six or seven minutes, or as needed. Imagine that qi is flowing downwards from your head, through your neck, back, legs and out through the feet.

    * for more information on mudras, see my post ”What is a Mudra?”, October 2011

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