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    More Chinese Folk Sayings

    The Chinese are famous for their old folk sayings and proverbs. Here are a few more of them that pertain to health and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    The more you use your brains, the cleverer you become. The more you practice physical exercise, the stronger you become. Frequent use of the brains helps you look younger and all organs of the body evolve when in use and degenerate when not in use
    Physical exercise and mental work are necessary throughout our lives to keep mind and body healthy. If muscles are not used, they will quickly atrophy. Although our brain may become more forgetful and less able to learn and retain new knowledge as it ages, the process of decline can be slowed down if we keep up mental activities and challenges. Both mental and physical work keep tissues and organs of the body, as well as cerebral cells, young at heart to help to promote long life.
    Life springs from sorrow and calamity, and death from ease and pleasure
    According to TCM, diseases can be caused not only from negative emotions and actions. Moderation and balance are the key.  Although relaxation and enjoyable activities are necessary, too much rest and pleasure can also cause ”dis-ease”. This is especially true when people reach retirement age and fall into a pattern of sleeping long hours and doing nothing all day. They become listless, worried, lonely, depressed, and lose interest in life. This ”retirement syndrome” can be a common problem for those who have not set themselves any goals for their ”twilight” years. 
    The affair in the bedroom can either kill people or give births. If used properly it helps to improve health. If not used properly, it can cause death immediately
    According to TCM, our sexual and reproductive energy, or ”jing” essence, is controlled by the kidneys, which in turn are responsible for the aging process from birth to death. In ancient China, the act of sex was considered a therapy to prevent and cure certain conditions caused by kidney jing deficiency. As we age jing naturally declines. It is important that it is cultivated and preserved throughout life to maintain good health. Excessive sex will cause early signs of aging, such as prematurely grey hair, loss of hair, weakness in the legs, sexual dysfunction, etc. Although the act of sex may not be a very strenuous activity, it can be harmful for the elderly with serious diseases, or those suffering from hypertension or a coronary heart condition.
    Nine out of ten men have hemorrhoids
    Hemorrhoids were a common problem in ancient China when Taoist monks and qigong masters would spend many hours sitting without physical movement. This lack of activity, as well as an accumulation of fat in the abdomen can cause muscles to weaken and disruption in the blood flow from the veins in the rectum back to the heart. A simple qigong exercise to help prevent hemorrhoids can be found here

    Running water is never stale and a door-hinge never gets worm-eaten
    The ancient Chinese knew that physical exercise would improve their health and turned to nature for guidance. Qigong was developed by studying energy in nature and applying its principles to the human body. Today Qigong exercises are recognized throughout the world and continue to grow in popularity.
    Another Chinese saying talking about Qigong says that ”if you are sincere, it is effective”. This refers directly to the TCM principle that mind and body are connected and interdependent. Qigong is a science. It is not just a physical exercise but also a mental one. It is the intent, or will and determination that move qi energy. The Chinese say that you must believe in qigong in order to mentally concentrate fully to make it effective.

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