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    Lung and Large Intestine Meridian Stretch

    If you are feeling stopped up and lethargic after the excess of the Holidays, take a few minutes to breathe through this simple stretch to stimulate and balance qi in your lung and large intestine meridians*.

    Begin with a simple, relaxing body scan, lying down, or in a seated position. Starting at head or feet, briefly tense each part of your body in turn; hold, then breathe out and release, allowing all the tension to flow out of you. When you feel completely relaxed, get up and do the following stretch.

    Stand in a comfortable position with feet a little wider than hip width apart and facing forward. Put your hands behind you, thumbs linked together, fingers spread apart and palms of hands facing away from you. Keep knees straight but not locked, and slowly bend forward. At the same time, exhale and stretch your arms overhead as far as they will go. Hold this position as you breathe in and out easily, relaxing into the stretch. Focus on any sensations you may feel along your arms in your lung and large intestine meridians. Inhale and exhale three times before gently releasing and slowly coming back into your starting position. Your arms may feel light, as if they are floating with vital qi.
    Do not overstretch. Pain is not ok. Always listen to your body and adapt to its signals, not your mind’s.

    *See previous and future posts on this blog for all twelve meridian stretches

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