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    Looking side to side and behind for vision

    The liver and gallbladder are said to be in control of eye issues.  The following exercise from the Eight Brocades helps qi flow in the gallbladder meridian which runs through the neck and head.

    Stand or sit in a relaxed posture, shoulders down, arms to the side with palms of hands raised slightly and facing downwards, fingers pointing away from the body.  Turn the head slowly and gently from side to side. If you think you are going slowly, slow down even more.  Chances are you can!  Keep the chin level with the ground.  Look into the distance in the direction the head is turning, or look slightly over the shoulder.  Only go as far as the head and neck will allow you to remain comfortable.  This may not be as far as you think, and can be different on each side.Repeat the movement from side to side about nine times, slowly and smoothly.  DO NOT FORCE THE MOVEMENT AND DO NOT CAUSE PAIN.  As always, awareness is placed on each tiny movement adjusting slightly to create a good sensation.

    This exercise is great for getting rid of kinks in the neck muscles as it loosens and strengthens the neck.  It also improves posture, spinal alignment and stimulates cerebral blood circulation.

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