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    • 23 MAY 14
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    Is Acupuncture a Miracle?

    When you finally find acupuncture and discover what it means to be truly healthy and allow the body to fully express itself mentally, physically, and emotionally from the inside out, it is only natural to consider it miraculous. Especially given the potential torturous path that may have led you to seek acupuncture care in the first place.
    But what does it say about your general state of health that when your body is functioning as it was designed to and simply expressing life as it was meant to be, we tag it a “miracle”?

    It is sobering that the majority of us have settled for way too long to live a life so far below our natural potential that we have forgotten what it feels like to be wholly healthy and well. The true miracle is that we allow ourselves to be abused by such an inefficient, often dangerous, system of medical care.

    Acupuncture works no miracles and heals nothing, but rather removes blockages and restores balance in the body, allowing the body’s wisdom to go to work and express health and life the only way it knows how. A life that more and more people are discovering is easily within their grasp.
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