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    How Acupuncture is leveraged in the Nava integrative approach.

    Taking the role of Director of Acupuncture with Nava Health and Vitality Center Professionally, I could not pass up the opportunity to work in a team construct designed to find comprehensive treatments for those who have been unable to find success within the confines of the standard modern medical system.
    I have been involved in  Acupuncture and Oriental medicine for over 17 years. Acupuncture is one part of a complete system of healing created over thousands of years ago which includes herbal medicine; moxibustion; cupping; bodywork, including Asian styles of massage and physical manipulations; dietary and lifestyle recommendations; meditation; and exercises such as Tai Chi and Qigong. While this system developed over thousands of years and has helped many recover from disease and illness, many people forget how effective Acupuncture is as modern treatment option for and natural healing.
    Acupuncture theory states that all parts of the body are connected by a roadmap of highways called meridians that run throughout the body.  When a person is in balance the energy or Qi (CHEE)  runs smoothly and health is maintained. Any blockage in your meridian system can limit the ability of your body to function at its full potential, and if left unchecked diseases will eventually appear..
    The goal of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is to identify and then remove meridian system blockages and restore balance to the meridian system.
    When used in conjunction with related treatments acupuncture primes the body, allowing the partner treatments to be even more successful.
    At Nava Health and Vitality Centers, Acupuncture will be leveraged to enhance the individual’s innate healing potential.   This increases the efficiency of our customized vitality plans which are as individualized to help clients reach their health goals.
    Here is an example of how this works with our bioidentical hormone optimization therapy:

    When people are feeling the effects of low or unbalanced hormones they can experience symptoms of fatigue,  hot flashes,  low libido and mood issues such as anxiety and depression.  While clients are getting their HRT there is a period of time between starting the hormones and feeling the benefit.  Acupuncture naturally regulates the autonomic nervous system which controls your fight or flight response and your rest and digest response.  Too often we are stuck in our stressed out fight or flight mood which causes the body to make too much cortisol which is a hormone associated with weight gain.  Increased cortisol levels throw the whole bodies hormone balance even further out of balance.  When clients get acupuncture they relax and bring cortisol levels back into normal realms.  

    Acupuncture also helps increase circulation.  This helps the hormones that have been newly introduced to the body get to the proper tissue and speed up the benefits people will see.  

    For those clients who may be on the fence about hormone optimization or may be borderline and need just a mild boost.   Acupuncture can be used to help regulate symptoms and combined with some of Nava’s specially formulated supplements can help keep people feeling good longer before needing HRT.  

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