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    • 08 JUL 12
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    Hot Fun in the Summer Time! – Note from the Clinic

    I hope you are staying cool this extremely hot July.  As usually it seems like the summer is flying past us quicker than ever.  I wanted to take a quick moment to keep you up to date with our clinic.

    First and foremost Artscape is coming which is going to make it difficult for people to get to the office.  Streets near the office start closing around the 18th and I know that our block will be completely closed by Friday, July 20th.  As such, I am taking a forced vacation and will beout of the office July 16th until the 24th.   I know that the office may be open for massage and counseling part of that time, but please plan on extra time for parking and traffic if you do have an appointment for either of those services.
    I would also like to thank everyone who helped vote for us to qualify for the Small Business Grant, we needed 250 and we got 292!  Now we have to wait for the committee to decide whether we will earn one of the coveted grants.
    Finally starting in August, my schedule will be changing slightly.  I’ll be adding some community hours on Saturday afternoons and shifting some hours later on Fridays.  
    As always, thank you for letting me serve you.
    Yours in Wellness,
    Tom Ingegno L. Ac. 
    Licensed Acupuncturist/ Certified Animal Acupuncturist
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