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    Help Mount Vernon Wellness win a Small Business Grant

    If you can take a few seconds to support Mount Vernon Wellness in our quest to get a small business grant from Chase and Living Social we would greatly appreciate it.  We need to collect 250 “votes” for our business before we can be considered for the grant before the end of June.  Not much time and we still need roughly 125 votes.  We have some great plans to better serve our community and our patients, and this money would make those plans a reality much faster than we could without it.  So, if you have a Facebook account, please help us out.  For every person that logs in and votes Chase adds $5 to the grant money allowing for up to 12 businesses to receive these grants, so not only are you helping us but small businesses everywhere!
    To help us follow these simple steps:
    2)  Click on the “Log In & Support” button on the lower right corner
    3) Search for Mount Vernon Wellness
    4) Click “Vote”
    5)  Feel the good karma you get from doing something nice and realize that you have help not only us and our patients, but also small businesses as a whole.
    ***Extra good Karma***  Share it with your friends and encourage them to vote too!
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