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    Hand Mudra for Allergies

    Allergies are usually defined as the body’s immune system reacting to something in its immediate environment.  A healthy immune system will defend itself against any potentially dangerous substance.  An allergy sufferer will react more strongly than usual to these substances, and symptoms, such as respiratory problems and skin complaints will occur. On a psychological level these physical disturbances may represent feelings of isolation, separation and an inability to accept the world as it is.  The following hand mudra, called Bhramara mudra will connect energy channels to help regain balance and harmony.  Meditate and visualize yourself feeling at peace with your life and safe in the world.

    Place tip of index finger on fold of thumb. Press tip of thumb to side of tip of middle fingernail. Extend ring and little fingers. Repeat with the other hand and hold this position for seven minutes, four times daily.

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