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    For Men Only

    The prostate gland is a small gland occurring only in male mammals. It is just above the rectum surrounding the neck of the bladder, and its prime function is to secrete fluid into the semen. With age, the prostate grows larger. Fifty per cent of men will have some degree of benign prostate enlargement by the age of 50, which can lead to difficulties with urination and even prostate cancer. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, prostate problems are the result of weak kidney yang qi and dampness in the abdomen. Ayurveda sees an imbalance in pitta and vata doshas. Treatment in the west consists mainly of drugs to inhibit hormonal growth. TCM recommends reducing the intake of certain foods, such as ice cream and other ice cold products, and increasing kidney qi through diet and herbal remedies. The following are recommendations for general prostate health.

    • avoid raw, cold, sweet and mucus forming foods ( eg dairy, ice cream, eggs, fats)
    • don’t eat too much raw fruit; cooked or stewed fruit are fine for breakfast
    • avoid overeating, late night eating, alcohol and caffeine
    • avoid excess salt
    • reduce sexual activity
    • eat foods to dry dampness, eg rye, aduki beans, lettuce, celery, pumpkin, raw honey
    • strengthen kidney qi with soaked walnuts and almonds, black beans, cinnamon, onions, garlic, schisandra fruit tea
    • drink more water during the day between meals, but stop after 7 pm
    • detox with cumin, fennel and turmeric spices in food
    • stay warm in cold weather, which inhibits urination
    • always empty the bladder completely when urinating

    Finally, one of the most well known remedies in China for prostate health is a handful of pumpkin seeds a day throughout the male adult life. Here is a recipe for a nut butter – try a couple of tablespoons a day with crackers instead of regular peanut butter!

    Grind about half a cup of pumpkin seeds (preferably soaked then roasted) in a blender. Add the contents of one saw palmetto capsule and a few drops of licorice extract. Blend and add a few drops of walnut oil if necessary for consistency. Only blend enough to consume in a couple of days at a time

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