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    Food as medicine – a few tips for 2014


    ……..it’s not only what you eat that is important but also when and how you eat it – eat food that has the most qi; eat at optimum digestion times (early morning, noon and before 7pm); eat a balanced meal with the five flavors (salty, sweet, sour, bitter, pungent); eat local produce in season, organic where possible.

    ……..to eat according to your body type (see previous posts on this blog for Ayurvedic constitutions)

    ……….foods will affect your body differently according to the time of day you eat them – no caffeine just before sleeping!

    ………to listen to your own body and what it needs. Experiment with food till you know what is good for you. Foods you eat are like the clothes you wear – find the ones that suit you and change when necessary, such as for time of day, season, or after illness

    ………if there is qi and yang deficiency, eat more warm energy foods, avoid cold energy foods or change their properties by adding seasonings, spices etc
    ……..if you have a weak spleen/stomach (puffy tongue, loose stools), avoid cold energy foods at breakfast (eg banana, orange juice, yoghurt, smoothies)

    ……….if you suffer from arthritis or other Bi syndromes, avoid tomatoes and other nightshades

    ……..to tonify the liver eat cranberries, blueberries, raspberries

    ……..to tonify the lungs, eat almonds and dried apricots

    ……..to tonify kidney qi, eat animal kidneys, lamb, lobster, beans, blueberries, turnips

    ……..to tonify blood, eat carrots, beets, cherries, blueberries, spinach

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