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    Don’t overdo it!!

    With the holiday season fast approaching, it is easy to forget the principle in TCM of never doing anything to an excess. Moderation and balance are always the key. An imbalance of qi will weaken the immune system and put extra undue stress on the meridians. To restore balance and give a boost of energy, try using the following acupoints while practicing deep breathing……..
    Standing for long periods can damage urinary bladder and kidney meridians, causing fatigue and lower back pain. Rub B 23 and B 47 in the lower back, hold K 27 below the collar bone, and finally K 3 on the inside of the ankles. 
    Sitting too long causes problems with stomach and spleen meridians, which in turn can contribute to anemia and digestive problems. Stimulate ST 36 on the outside of the calves.
    Lying down for long periods may harm lung and large intestine meridians and cause respiratory and elimination problems. Hold LI 4 on the hand and LI 11 on the upper edge of the elbow crease.
    If you sit at a computer all day, causing eye strain, or you have emotional stress, you may be damaging the small intestine and heart meridians. CV 17 on the center of the breastbone can be stimulated to restore balance.
    Cramps and spasms may be caused by too much physical exercise. As a result the liver and gallbladder meridians are affected. Stimulate LV 3 on the top of the feet.
    When using acupoints, press or stimulate for about one minute, or until any soreness goes away.
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