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    This humble vegetable was possibly one of the first veggies you were introduced to as a baby. Those of you with a sweet tooth may still have it high on your list of favorites, especially if it comes in the form of carrot cake! Traditionally, this tiny orange vegetable has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries for anything from treating burns and dandruff to heart disease and cancer. In Ayurveda carrots pacify vata, pitta (when cooked) and kapha doshas. Neutral and thermal in properties, carrots benefit not only the spleen-pancreas but also the lungs and liver. In particular they:

    – help dissolve tumors, stimulate the elimination of wastes, clear acidic blood conditions (including acne, tonsillitis and rheumatism)
    – protect against cancer, being one of the richest sources of antioxidant beta-carotene
    – are anti-inflammatory and can be used for treating lung, digestive and urinary tract infections
    – are beneficial for coughs
    – treat intestinal worms (pinworms and roundworms)
    – are used for night blindness, ear infections, earache and deafness
    – treat indigestion, including excess stomach acid and heartburn
    – heal burns (apply the juice)
    – increase milk supply of nursing mothers
    – contain silicon which strengthens connective tissue and helps with calcium metabolism
    – treat constipation
    – treat diarrhea when cooked
    – strengthen children’s teeth when raw

    In general, eat carrots moderately, at least 6 ounces per day, or one to two cups of juice. Be careful of drinking too much juice which can be too sweet for the kidneys and cause hair loss when consumed over a long period of time. A little of the carrot tops, which are bitter and mineral rich, can be used to make the juice less sweet and more beneficial in cases of dampness and liver stagnation.

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