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    Balance in summer

    As the summer season begins and the element of fire becomes dominant, bringing with it possible problems of dehydration, diarrhea, sunstroke, fevers and skin rashes, it is time to think once more of a change in diet. Now that we have done our spring cleaning of house and body and sprouted the seeds in the garden the focus in the summer months should be on clearing heat, reducing irritability, releasing blockages in blood and energy, and growing strong. Here are some tips for keeping balance as we enter the ”prosperous” season of the year, according to TCM.

    • Eat more cooling (not cold) and neutral foods, such as fresh, sweet fruits and juicy vegetables in season, light grains and pulses. Avoid pungent and salty tastes. Use mint and coriander freely to keep the body cool. Snack on melons, cucumbers and mangoes.
    • Let food and drink warm up to room temperature if it has been refrigerated.
    • Rise early and go to bed later.
    • Do outdoor activities in the morning and evening to avoid the direct sun. Do not drink cold water directly after coming indoors during hot weather.
    • Exercise without causing excess sweating.
    • Take a short afternoon nap.
    • Take time to relax daily by sitting quietly with eyes closed to help balance yin and yang internally.
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