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    • 20 DEC 13
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    An Overload of Calories

    by Puffin

    It’s that time of year again. Festive food by the truck full appears in grocery stores for the holiday season. This year, we say, we will eat healthy, we won’t give in, we won’t be tempted. We convince ourselves we can resist all temptation, limit our input of high, super calorie food and drinks. But we are human, not perfect…….and will it really do so much harm?? Well, we know that food is our medicine, but if you just can’t stop yourself from overindulging, here are a few facts and tips to help dissuade you and minimize the bad side effects.

    You are craving……….

    So you may be getting extra calcium, but you are also overloading on salt and fat. Cheese can lead to hypertension, eczema, skin allergies and candida (yeast overgrowth). Try taking probiotics or eating yoghurt with live cultures to help with this problem.

    High carbs
    These foods seem to mushroom in the holiday season. To help prevent extra fat, try taking apple cider vinegar, which will aid in digesting starchy foods.
    High fats
    Eating too many of the wrong fats will harm the liver and raise cholesterol. Eat high fiber foods to counteract this.

    If your craving for sugar goes through the roof at this time of year, reach for lactic acid bacteria in plain natural yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut, etc to prevent skin and other health problems.
    Bad for the liver and dehydrating, but if you can’t resist the holiday spirits, make sure you drink one glass of water for every glass of alcohol. Take vitamin B1 before bed to prevent depletion of thiamine.

    Caffeine in coffee can have a diuretic effect. To minimize dehydration, drink two cups of water to every cup of coffee.

    Happy healthy holidays!

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