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    Did you know that the common cold is the most widely reoccurring illness in the world? There are more than one billion colds reported per year in the USA alone! But what is the process of a cold according to Oriental medicine?

    The body goes through a number of internal changes when a cold virus attacks it. These changes go from yin to yang and vice versa. Once upon a time there was……..

    Yang. This condition appears from overwork or emotional stress, which then changes to
    Yin. A tired body has low resistance and is more receptive to an invading virus. It is unprotected and becomes chilled. Sneezing begins and Yin changes to
    Yang by generating heat to protect itself. This creates a fever, sweating and headaches, which in turn lead to
    Yin. A runny nose follows and energy is low. Mucus settles in the lungs causing
    Yang. Sinus congestion and chest congestion produce
    Yin. Coughing enables the body to clear congestion and produce phlegm, which makes
    Yang. A sore throat.

    Although there are variations in the order of typical cold symptoms, the above shows how the body is constantly striving to regain its internal balance. A never ending change of yin and yang.

    In order for the body to heal as quickly as possible, it is helpful to remember the old saying ”starve a fever”.  Eating too much when the body is in the yang fever stage of a cold will only make the fever go deeper. Energy required by the digestive system interferes with cleansing the excess and will prolong the life of the cold. Resting from food as well as in general will help the body to recover more quickly.

    For more information about Cold and Flue remedies from the realm of Oriental Medicine check out my book You Got Sick – Now What? 
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