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    Yoga Locust Pose – Getting the most out of it

    The locust pose (salabhasana) is a well known pose in hatha yoga and has many health benefits. To enhance your practice of it, pay attention to the following guidelines.
    • The locust pose decreases the kapha dosha. It can decrease or increase vata and pitta doshas. To reduce vata, hold the pose for a short time only, focus on core strength and stillness. To reduce pitta, hold for short periods, repeating as necessary. Ease upwards on an exhale.
    • This pose will help relieve menstrual problems and indigestion. Make fists with the hands and place them in the groin area. Here, the acupoints Sp 12, Sp 13, St 29 and St 30 are stimulated when the legs are lifted and the pose is held.

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