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    Wave hands in Clouds

    Cloud Hands Tai Chi Chuan Exercise

    This is a popular, very relaxing movement in taijiquan which can be easily practiced as an individual movement for its many health benefits. It strengthens shoulders and upper arms, trims the waist line, calms the nerves, and focuses and centers the mind. Energy is released as you twist from the waist and travels along the arms. Try to practice outdoors on a calm day and imagine that you are actually moving your hands through the clouds. This movement can easily be adapted to do standing in place, or even sitting in a straight back chair. The following instructions are for practice from a seated position.

    Begin by holding an imaginary ball of qi in front of you, with your left hand at eye level and your right hand directly in front of your lower dan tien at lower abdominal level. Twist from your waist to the left, at the same time turning the top hand (left) to face you horizontally at eye level. The right hand travels with the movement of the trunk leading with the inside of the wrist. Continue to move the hands like windmills as you twist from the waist from side to side. When you move to the left, the left hand will be on top.  When you move to the right, the right hand will be on top. Hands remain relaxed with fingers slightly open. Continue making graceful, sweeping movements for as long as time allows.

    Click here for instructions and video for the standing version.

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