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    Vegetables fight cancer

    Health experts go back and forth on whether or not vegetables, and in particular cruciferous vegetables, prevent or reduce the risk of getting certain types of cancer. The bottom line is that eating plenty of veggies is more beneficial than not. Doctors of TCM insist that food is our medicine and that diet plays an important rule in the prevention of any disease. They go on to state that specific vegetables will protect against the eight most common kinds of cancer.

    Spinach is full of antioxidants which protect against LUNG cancer. Eat daily, along with tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, apples and pears.

    Kelp seaweed is full of iodine to detoxify and prevent BREAST cancer. Legumes, sweet potato, tomatoes and water chestnut are also beneficial.

    Celery and Water Chestnut help move food residues through the colon to reduce the risk of cancer of the INTESTINES.

    Garlic is said to neutralize nitrate and thus prevent STOMACH cancer.

    Cauliflower and Broccoli contain folic acid which is instrumental in warding off cancer of the PANCREAS.

    Asparagus is an excellent liver cleanser and beneficial in preventing BLADDER cancer, skin cancers and lymphoma.

    Beans, which contain phytoestrogens are thought to inhibit cancer of the CERVIX.

    Mushrooms protect against LIVER and intestinal cancers, as well as lymphoma.

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