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    • 15 OCT 11
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    The sound of silence – or is it ringing in the ears?

    Those who suffer from ear ringing of unknown cause may find that it becomes more annoying at this time of year. Everything in nature is drying and falling to the earth in preparation for the dormancy of winter. Along with that comes a certain quietness and stillness – crickets slow down their chirping as temperatures drop, crops are gathered and no longer blow in the summer breeze, and yin energy moves inward and downwards. 

    Research at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has shown that therapeutic music can help block, or distract from the irritating noise of ringing in the ears by allowing the sufferer to ”forget” his discomfort and gradually push it into the background. The music chosen is based on the Five Element theory of notes (do, re, me, so and la) and a special computer program develops a particular melody suited to each individual. The music also readjusts the energy imbalance in the body that may be triggering the ear ringing.
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