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    Tai chi or Taijiquan

    Taijiquan, or tai chi as it is more commonly known in the West, is considered to be the most popular exercise practiced in the world today. It is certainly the most convenient exercise to do in terms of needing no equipment, no uniform, and no special footwear. It can be practiced by anyone, anywhere and at anytime. You can take it with you when you travel! It is adaptable for the blind and the disabled. As one taijiquan master once said: ”If you are not throwing up and you are not dead, you can play taiji!”

    It is not surprising therefore that taijiquan continues to grow in popularity despite its existence since at least the fourteenth century CE. Although the original form had only 13 movements and forms today can have over a hundred, taijiquan is still based on the same basic principles of Taoism and the Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine. As a meditative internal martial art its focus is on yielding and softness being stronger than attack and hardness. The movements are smooth and flowing, with a constant interplay of yin and yang. Here is a list of some of its benefits:

    provides all movement necessary for a sedentary body
    massages internal organs and meridians
    stimulates qi flow and helps eliminate blockages
    promotes the flow of lymph, blood, joint, brain and spinal fluids
    improves physical balance, body posture and alignment
    strengthens legs
    reduces stress
    enhances brain function
    regulates blood pressure
    increases aerobic capacity
    promotes a peaceful mind

    The following video shows the most popular style of taiji, the Yang style with 24 movements.

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