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    Spring will be here soon!

    Dear Patients, Friends and Family,

    While the groundhog may have predicted another 6 weeks of winter, the start of the Chinese New year is considered the official beginning of spring.  According to Chinese Medicine principles, which are based on Taoist philosophy, the spring is the season where we take all the planning we’ve done during the winter and put it into action.  As such, I’d like to tell you all about some of the plans that will be going into effect over the next few months.  All of these ideas are going forth with the hopes that they will inspire better health and wellness for everyone that comes into Mount Vernon Wellness.  

    We are very happy to announce that we will soon be offering “Stress Reduction” ear acupuncture treatments at our office several times a week.  During these treatments, you can receive a 5 needle protocol in both ears which can help reduce stress, eliminate cravings and improve sleep.  We are doing this for a suggested donation of only $5!  We hope that this will be a way that everyone can come in and experience some of the general benefits that acupuncture can provide.  This treatment comes from the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA)  and can be applied to everyone.  We recently had a training course on this protocol here at our office, and now I’m happy to say that Heather Easter our social worker, Andy Mo our acupuncturist running the community clinic, Jenny Mo, Andy’s wife and Registered Nurse and myself are able to provide this service.  We will be offering these sessions during lunchtime and after work hours.  You can book a session by clicking here or by calling the office at 443-869-6584.  

    In addition to the ear treatments for stress reduction we will be holding short lectures that teach stress reduction techniques immediately following the ear acupuncture sessions, topics will vary and yes, we will be presenting many different topics.  We charge only $20 for each topic and will have a schedule of different topics out soon.  You can sign up for the initial class by calling the office or clicking here.

    We are also available to give lectures on stress reduction or acupuncture as a whole to offices, community groups or religious institutions.  If you would like us to come out and speak to a group just ask.  We may even be able to do the stress reduction ear treatments on site.  

    We are very happy that Andy has decided not to move back to California and for now will continue running the community clinic.  People who have tried it are very happy and I’d like to see it grow to it’s full potential.   As such we will be offering two new programs that will help spread the word about our group acupuncture clinic.  
    The first program is our group acupuncture loyalty cards.  This is the same type of card you would get at your favorite coffee house or pizza place.  Come in for five treatments and get your next treatment on us.  This is exclusively for the group acupuncture only.  When you come in for your next appointment, ask for a card and start working towards something better than a cup of coffee.  
    Our next program is a way to help you friends, loved ones, and co-workers get on the road to health.  This is a referral program if you tell someone about us and they come in for treatment, we will give you a free treatment!  Once again this is for the group acupuncture only, but we are not putting a limit on the amount of referrals you can give out.  That means the more people you refer the more free treatments you get.  
    One more concept that came about this winter was that many people still feel that massage therapy is only for pampering and relaxation.  This is definitely not true.  Massage therapy has been shown to help with everything from musculo-skeletal disorders to anxiety and depression.  As such both Michelle Shaw and I would really like to see more people using it for specific health concerns.  She is willing to offer patients that see any other practitioner in the office a $20 discount on an initial treatment with her.  I have seen her really help people with pain relief, as well as get them through periods of severe stress.  This offer will only be good until the end of March 2012, so please call the office to make an appointment soon.  

    We hope to continue to grow and change to provide our patients with the best possible treatments.  If you have any ideas on how to improve your quality of care, please let us know.  

    Yours in Wellness,

    Tom Ingegno M.S.O.M., L.Ac.

    P.S. To keep up with the ongoings of our clinic follow me on Twitter and like my Clinic page on Facebook
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