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    Spring Vegetables

    The markets are full of color now with the arrival of many flavorful vegetables. Spring is the season for greens in their many varieties: kale, asparagus, Swiss chard, leeks, onions,  lettuces, cabbage and spinach are abundant and can be added in different ways to create delicious and simple meals. Not surprisingly the color associated with the liver and springtime in Oriental medicine is green. Nutrients available in green vegetables work directly on cleansing and detoxifying the liver to restore qi flow after a heavy winter diet of yang and fatty foods. Raw and lightly cooked vegetables will help bring the liver out of its stagnant state. The liver, and its mate the gallbladder, are the most stressed organs in the body due to the intake of too many fats, chemicals and preservatives. So remember to eat organic wherever possible to avoid taxing the liver with pesticides and other chemical residues. Check this link for a recipe for the aptly named Chinese Spring Rolls.
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