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    Spleen Meridian Massage

    Although western medicine states that the spleen is not a vital organ in the body and we can live without it (see), oriental medicine begs to differ. In TCM, the spleen (also recognized as spleen-pancreas) is one of the five vital yin organs according to The Five Element Theory.  It represents the earth element and is in charge of proper nutrition for the entire body, as well as muscle strength, sufficient blood production and transformation and metabolizing of important fluids. The spleen is the seat of the emotion of worry. Excessive worry can cause deficiency in spleen qi, and a weak and damp spleen leaves us unable to think clearly and susceptible to more worry. To give yourself and your spleen some extra TLC, try this easy meridan massage.

    Start at SP 1 (Yinbai) and move in one direction to the end. Use your fingers, thumb or palm to apply gentle pressure along the entire meridian. Remember to massage meridians on both sides of the body. When you reach the end return to SP 6 (Sanyinjiao) massaging and circling 36 times with thumb and finger. This point is one of the most important acupoints in Chinese medicine as it crosses three meridians: spleen, liver and kidneys. It is commonly used in the treatment of gynecological problems, male sexual issues, digestive disorders, insomnia and headaches.

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