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    Snoring? Forgetful? Losing your hair? Try one of these Ayurvedic home remedies..

    All cultures have traditional folk medicines that are handed down through generations and consist of simple ingredients that can be found in the local community or household. Who doesn’t have a family recipe for chicken soup to treat colds and flu? If you are looking for some different natural solutions for minor health problems, then take a look at the following remedies based on Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India.

    Indigestion and acid reflux – chew a few basil or mint leaves after a meal to help create saliva and aid digestion

    Menstrual cramps – eat two tbs of ground flax seeds to help with hormonal balance

    Snoring– add one tsp of turmeric to a cup of boiled organic milk and drink it warm before bedtime

    Allergies– drink one cup of beetroot/cucumber/carrot juice (1part:1part:3parts) once a day

    Low blood sugar – make a tea from one cup of hot water and some licorice powder, and drink twice daily

    Improve memory – take one tsp of organic local raw honey with a pinch of nutmeg before bedtime

    Gum strengthening and teeth whitening – try a mouthful of organic cold-pressed sesame oil (1-3 tsp), swish around for up to 20 minutes, then spit out and rinse with warm water

    Hair loss – mix one part cinnamon with two parts honey and three parts olive oil to a paste; apply on affected areas and leave for half an hour before washing off

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