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    Simple acupressure for indigestion and hangovers

    If you have overindulged in food and drink this holiday season, try the following simple acupressure techniques to help relieve symptoms.

    For the relief of hangover headaches and bloodshot eyes……

    Hegu LI 4 – Spread thumb and index finger and press into the muscle of the web. You should feel a soreness as you press towards the bone. Continue to stimulate this point on each hand with your thumb for about a minute. 

    ST 3 and BL 2 – With one hand place thumb and index finger on the upper ridge of the eye socket near the bridge of the nose. Spread the index and middle finger of the other hand and place them underneath the cheekbones directly beneath your eyes. Press upwards with both hands on the two points and hold for about a minute with eyes closed.

    To relieve indigestion……

    Zusanli ST 36– From a sitting position, lift your right foot and rub the acupoint on the left leg with your heel. Rub the point briskly until it feels hot. Repeat with the left heel on the right leg.

    ……..if indigestion is caused by gas, lie on the floor on your back and bring both knees into the chest and hug them with hands placed behind the knees. Breathe deeply for a minute before releasing and resting comfortably for a few minutes with legs bent and feet on the floor.

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