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    Sequence of The Eight Brocades

    For those of you who have been following my posts on The Eight Brocades, let’s take a look at the sequence in its entirety.

    1.  Reaching for the sky to balance the triple heater
    This first movement gently stretches the whole body in preparation for the next seven Brocades.

    2.  Shooting the bow and arrow
    The second movement is good for opening the chest and strengthening the lungs.

    3.  Keeping the Spleen in balance 
    This third movement benefits the stomach and spleen-pancreas.

    4.  Looking side to side and behind for vision 
    The fourth movement benefits the gallbladder and helps release neck tension.

    5.  Bending over and around to reduce fire in the heart
    The fifth movement reduces stress and calms down the heart and nervous system. 

    6.  Tight Hamstrings
    This sixth movement works on the bladder and kidneys to release tension in calves and hamstrings.

    7.  Releasing anger through the eyes and harmonizing the liver
    The seventh movement benefits the liver to detoxify mind and body.

    8.  Aching Back
    The final movement in the Eight Brocades strengthens the kidneys and waist. 

    Although all the movements can be done on their own, when practiced together The Eight Brocades are an excellent group of exercises for qi cultivation and strengthening the internal organs.
    To find each one in this blog enter a keyword search for Eight Brocades or the title of the movement as above.

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