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    • 14 DEC 13
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    Say YES to socks this Season!


    new socks by Flikr

    Why is it that socks are never on our list for gifts at this time of year? Socks are known as the worst present anyone can ever get, but in TCM they make a lot of sense. The element of water and the kidneys belong to the winter months. As the kidney meridian begins on the sole of the foot, it is important to keep feet cozy, dry and protected in cold weather. Wearing good socks, especially outside, is one of the simplest ways to prevent colds and keep the kidneys warm in winter.

    Not only do the feet need extra protection in winter, but also the head and neck are vulnerable areas according to TCM. The neck is the entry point for energy into the body from the head and can become weak from less movement and exercise during cold weather. Wearing a scarf will help keep this area warm indoors and out. Baihui (meeting point of one hundred energies) is the central point on the top of the head for yang qi. Losing heat from this point and leaving it unprotected will cause vital yang qi to escape resulting in a body open to attack from colds and flu. Wearing a hat is an easy way to keep the head warm in winter.

    To strengthen kidneys and yang qi, gently massage the top of the head, neck and feet once or twice a day. An acupuncture treatment with moxibustion and cupping can also be very beneficial in the winter months.

    So this year ask for plenty of socks!! Wear them proudly around the house – kick out a foot from time to time to help qi flow in liver and kidneys. Add a hat and scarf to the gift list and have a super warm winter!

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